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Past Bunting Artists

Winter 2016: Kirsten Clark

Inspired by The Nutcracker, we loved our gorgeous festive bunting handmade by Kirsten Clark - thank you Kirsten!

Kirsten (also known as Mrs Make and Do), is a designer and maker who's passionate about creativity and fabulous fabrics. Based in Bristol with Mr Make and Do and her two children (the Mini Make and Dos).

She says, "Way back in 2010 my maternity leave from being a secondary school art teacher came to an end and having decided not to go back was itching to do something creative. Make and Do was born to encourage people to get creative. My first subscription craft packs were sent out in August 2013 as a little weekly package of fabrics and other crafty goodies to further my aims to encourage people to sew. In February 2014 Inspirations Club went monthly and I added clear, step-by-step project instructions to enable subscribers to learn new skills and get making straight away."

"When I'm not making a mess with the Mini Make and Do's or jumping in puddles I'm drinking coffee whilst sourcing fabrics and trims for Inspirations Club and designing things to make. I have also designed a range of simple craft kits that are available from fabric and craft shops."

Autumn 2016: Lauren Alexander

Sparkling in the autumn sunshine, this colourful bunting was made by local artist Lauren Alexander, featuring many a shiny sequin and plenty of glittery fabric!

Summer 2016: Lucy Ball

Our summer bunting was a riot of Carnival colours to fit with the theme of this year's Arts Trail and see us through the summer holidays.

It was made by Lucy Ball, aka Lucy Makes Bunting, which was born when Lucy discovered her beautiful handmade wedding bunting tucked away in a box and was sad that it wasn’t fulfilling its decorative destiny. Her collection of bunting for sale and for hire is slowly growing as new themed bunting is commissioned for people's events.

With perfect motifs to see us through Easter, this bunting was appliqued onto hessian triangles and looked lovely in the sunshine.

Spring 2016: Soraya Babai

Our delightful Spring bunting is now on display outside the Southville Centre and will be there until the end of May 2016.

With perfect motifs to see us through Easter, this bunting was appliqued onto hessian triangles and looked lovely in the sunshine.

Winter 2015-16: Leanne Winters

All these stars and snowflakes saw us through from Dec2015 'til the end of February 2016, thanks to the aptly named Leanne Winters. Leanne has exhibited her colourful paintings in our corridor gallery in the past (see here) and also sells her very popular cards on our reception.

Autumn 2015: Ava & Bea

Wonderfully Autumnal and perfect for brightening up a grey day, our Autumn bunting looked even better when it was sunny.


Ava & Bea are local designer makers, Elaine Tuke & Stephen Ryan. They make a range of items such as jewellery and decorative wall accessories, often using wood with vintage wallpaper and Formica. Their launch in 2012 was the result of a love of beautiful patterns and texture, a keen interest in design, of the possibilities of wood, and lots of experimenting!

Their bunting design for the Autumn period was based on the idea of autumn leaves blowing in the wind and gently falling from the trees. They laser cut the leaves from Autumnal coloured Polypropylene sheets, which caught the light beautifully when hanging in situ.

The pair were keen to take part in this bunting project for a couple of reasons. One is that it gave them the chance to experiment with a new material they are looking to work with in the near future, and the second is that they are local to Southville. With a studio/workshop at BV Studios in Bedminster, one of their daughters at Ashton Gate primary school, and the youngest daughter about to join her, having just finished at the pre-school at the Raleigh room at Southville Centre, they like to get involved with community projects where possible.

Summer 2015

Steph Atkins created our summer bunting based on the 7 bright vibrant colours of the rainbow. The colours also represent the 7 major Chakras. Chakras are energy points or centres in the subtle body, with each one correlating to the colours of the rainbow. Each colour and chakra is also associated with different feelings, emotions, and relates to different organs and parts of the body.


  • Red    -    Base or root chakra
  • Orange    -    Sacral chakra
  • Yellow    -    Solar plexus chakra
  • Green    -    Heart chakra
  • Blue    -    Throat chakra
  • Indigo    -    Third eye chakra
  • Purple    -    Crown chakra

Spring 2015: Angie Parker

Angie Parker’s textiles are synonymous with weaving and colour. She weaves traditional block weave rugs and exquisite, vibrant textiles derived from Scandinavian rug weaving techniques.

Her distinctive and intricate fabrics are hand-woven using traditional patterns, such as Krokbragd, which she combines with her instinctive and daring approach to colour. Time spent living in India and more recently the graffiti in this neighbourhood have influenced the fabulously gaudy palate which is intrinsic to her weaving.

For the bunting project, Angie used a digital print of her handwoven textiles as a starting point to produce a large portion of the flags. She then wove and stitched strips of the remainder of the printed fabric to emphasise the weaving element. An important part of her practice is the contrast between the durable, sturdy materials used in rug weaving and the sumptuous yarns used for her decorative textiles. She emphasised this difference in scale in the bunting on display, and the colours brightened up many a cloudy spring day for users of the centre.


Whilst a community bunting project might seem like an unusual step for an artist aiming to make waves in the contemporary craft world, Angie has found the venture to be rewarding in a number of ways. Initially it was simply a plan to make use of a digital printing experiment which she no longer wished to pursue, and a desire to give a little bit back to the community centre which provided so many resources (and such good cake) whilst she was caring for her daughters pre-school. As it turned out, the headspace afforded by using a different skill set gave her the chance to re-assess her values in relation to her practice, and focus on a few things she's neglected in her everyday life. One of these is that she has been intending to write a Will since becoming a parent,  and will use the payment for the bunting to do this. So it seems that this might well be the most important job she will undertake this year!

Angie hand-weaves and finishes all the pieces herself from her workshop space at BV studios in Bedminster, and her work is available for sale and commission on enquiry. For more information see Angie's website.

Winter 2014: Kathryn Shooter

Kathryn said: "I loved the idea of adding a twist to the traditional bunting we see and so I have tried to make my designs different by using things that many would throw away without thinking it could be used for something beautiful. My designs have been cut from old milk bottles and attached over coloured fabric to create subtle, beautiful and colourful bunting. I graduated from the Theatre Design course at Nottingham Trent University and am currently a freelance scenic artist and prop maker, with recent work including painting for a number of productions at Nottingham Playhouse, and creating props for the Commonwealth Games Ceremony in Glasgow."

To find out more about Kathryn or to commission work visit: or email

Autumn 2014: Brigitte Stockton

May & June 2014: Launchpad with Southville Primary School Arts Club

Summer 2014: Celia Willett

Winter/Spring 2014: Valeria Fulop-Pochon

Winter 2013-14: Sarah Baker




Autumn 2013: Emily Foster




Arts Trail/Summer 2013: Emily Ketteringham


Current Bunting Artist