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'So What Collective'

9th - 29th August 2013

The So What Collective is made up of 11 artists from different backgrounds who met in 2009 at the Bristol School of Art, Queens Road (part of SGS College). The Collective was initially formed as a way for the founder members to continue to share their work and ideas after they had finished their Foundation Diploma studies and it has since expanded to include like-minded artists and designers. Large-scale abstract paintings sit comfortably alongside intricate papercuts, figurative photographs, subtle drawings, vibrant digital images, celebratory illustrations, ceramics based on natural forms and narrative glasswork. This exhibition is represented by three artists from the group; Margaret Byron, Jo Kear and Lisa Richards


Margaret Byron

Since completing an Art Foundation course at Queens Road I have continued to enjoy photomontage and collage. As I developed my skills I became more and more involved in digital exploration. The things that excite me include such diverse themes as, ‘rust and decay’, buildings, textures, patterns, the natural world, ‘fantasy worlds’ and humour. In this exhibition I have chosen a selection of images that indicate my range of interests ... You could say I am a Magpie!


Jo Kear

My work consistently plays with the idea of memories; my individual memory of places visited and also the collective memory of communities. This collection of photographs is a personal recollection of places special to me. Over the last few years, cameras of different types have acted as my 'sketchbook' and have been used to record, document and observe things around me. I have sought to discover interesting nooks and crannies and also overlooked objects and spaces. The idea of small details is important in all of the images and colour and line play a vital role in this concept of looking at the overlooked.

Recently the idea of collective memories has begun to inform my work. As communities develop and time passes, the urban landscapes of cities such as Bristol flex and change: buildings are either demolished or are altered to change their identities. Through the act of drawing, the original buildings are recovered and presented collectively as a cityscape of lost buildings.


Lisa Richards

For the past few years I've been predominately a paper cutting artist inspired by nature & literature, in particular folk & fairy tales.

My work is about line, negative space and the contrast of colours. I prefer to cut the paper by hand, rather than use a laser cutter as the process of making a piece is my reason for doing it, not necessarily the final outcome.