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Rosie Dolton

Our January 2016 artist was Rosie Dolton, who displayed a selection of her embroideries in the Corridor Gallery.

"I am a textile artist based in Bristol and have always been interested in using traditional craft based methods typically associated with femininity, which include: sewing, knitting, and embroidery. Through my work I aim to challenge traditional notions of gender and often reference imagery which is generally targeted towards the male gaze. I use sewing as a form of drawing, the end result becoming something tactile, intricate and engaging.

My current practice involves exploring such themes as the organic and grotesque, nature and urbanity. I use machine and hand embroidery to 'draw' subject matter such as animals, birds, insects, and skulls. My work has an unfinished, untidy quality and I always leave my process visible to the viewer. Threads are left hanging, un-cut, and escaping down the wall, representative of sketchy lines of a drawing."

Rosie's website