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James Stevens

December 2016

My series of images “Miniature Myths” was shot with a macro lens. I love the way pictures of very small objects can look massive. With a macro lens, I can make a flower look like a smoldering volcano, or a bud like a giant's eye. All of my images are close-ups of flowers, lit and photographed so that whilst they are very small in reality, the final image makes them seem immense. A character from Greek myth has inspired each image: for example Cyclops the one-eyed monster or Apollo the sun god. I enjoy the way that famous names from mythology can ignite the imagination, and help people who look at my photographs to find stories or emotions inside the image. By experimenting with light sources, I have drawn out the textures and colour in the petals, and discovered where the flowers are luminous or transparent. Their patterns can be so complex that often they look like computer generated images – but all of these pictures are real photographs of nature’s patterns.

My ambition is to keep exploring with a macro lens, and to uncover the worlds that are concealed within details.

You can find out more about James on his website