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Anna Smith

April 2017

Anna Smith is a Bristol-based artist who studied art at Exeter University, as well as training to be a primary school teacher. She currently works as a part-time teacher whilst raising her two children, and has continued to pursue her passion for painting.

These paintings are a way of holding onto those beautiful and exhilarating moments – the first dip of a toe, the shock of cold that takes your breath away, the bubbles that tingle up your nose, the feeling of freedom and escapism that plunging into unbroken water can bring – the moments that make you feel so alive!

Inspired by water in all its forms, Anna uses sketches and photographs to create final pieces in her ‘studio’ at home. She also undertakes commissions.

Anna’s latest work focuses mainly on swimming pool water. These paintings are trying to capture the feeling of the cool, clear, turquoise water she remembers swimming in as a child. The idea of capturing the fragments of dancing light, the changing ripples, the constantly moving waves, froth and foam in a still medium, really appeals to her.

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