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Public Benefit Case Study for the SCDA Environmental Group

The purpose of the SCDA Environmental Sub-Group is to identify and implement actions that will enable the SCDA to meet its environmental and sustainability objectives, including maintaining the organisation’s environmental accreditations.  The group consists of SCDA staff, trustees, volunteers and community members from other environmentally related groups within the local area.

Below is an illustration of how the SCDA Environmental Group provides public benefit, which in turn helps to promote the wider purpose of the SCDA to improve the conditions of life for the inhabitants of the Southville and Bedminster Electoral Ward[1]

Green Walkways

The SCDA Environmental Group has been working within the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership and with other local community partnership groups on a network of Green Walkways within Bristol to promote safe, pleasant pedestrian routes throughout the City.  The aim is to encourage all age groups to walk more but in particular to make it easier for older people to use these pathways.  The SCDA Environmental Group has been working on a walkway provisionally entitled “the Daisy Route” which runs directly past the Southville Centre between Coronation Road and St John’s Churchyard in Bedminster.  The group manage a small grant related to the development of the walkway and have facilitated a series of neighbourhood engagement activities to connect local residents together and to encourage streets to take individual responsibility for activities within the area.  Further engagement activities and signage for the route are planned in the near future.

Events and activities to promote the “Daisy Route “ Walkway

[1] Southville Centre Development Association Articles of Association, last revised April 2013.