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SCDA Membership - The LEGO Project


The Southville Community Development Association is re-launching its membership scheme at the SCDA Annual General Meeting on Saturday September 21 2013.   The AGM will be held at the Best of Bedminster show on North Street Green.

There will be lots of other fun activities and opportunities to get involved in our project work as well as the chance to sign up as a volunteer or find out more about becoming a trustee.
As a thank you from the Board of Trustees, if you sign up to become a member of the Association you will receive a Membership pack containing your membership card, the Southville Centre events programme, and a café loyalty card where if you buy 6 hot drinks from the Southville Centre café we will treat you to your 7th!

Everyone who signs up to become a member on the day will get to take one brick away from the Southville Centre - well at least from a model of the Centre made entirely of Lego!

Do you have any spare Lego? 1 brick, 10 bricks or 100 bricks - any amount will be put to good use.  If you can help, please drop your Lego bits into the Southville Centre Reception on Beauley Road.   Our aim is to sign up as many members as it takes to make the scale model of the building – once we have reached our goal, the new members will be invited to take part in a very special membership event where we will attempt to rebuild the Centre using our individual Lego bricks!