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BS3 Good Neighbour Awards

The BS3 Good Neighbour Awards were held as part of the Southville Community Development Association’s (SCDA) Annual General Meeting which took place on Saturday 13th of September 2014 at the Southville Centre.

Matthew Symonds, Chair of the SCDA presented the first ever BS3 Good Neighbour award ceremony and explained to the audience that the charity had decided to hold an annual event to acknowledge the wonderful work undertaken within the community by generous and caring individuals and groups.
Members of the local community had been invited to nominate people they felt deserved to be recognised and thanked for their actions. The four award categories were chosen by the organisers to reflect the work that the SCDA undertakes as part of its aims and objectives to improve the lives of people living in the BS3 postal code area.
The winners were:
  • Jackie Williams – winner of the Good Neighbour to Young People in BS3 award
  • Roger Cleeves – winner of the Good Neighbour to Older People in BS3 award
  • Claire Tavener – winner of the Good Neighbour for Enriching the Culture of BS3 award
  • Laura Murgatroyd – winner of the Good Neighbour for Improving the Environment in BS3 award
Winners were presented with an award certificate and were given a £10 voucher for use in the Southville Centre Café as a thank you and a sign of appreciation for their dedication from the SCDA.
Matthew Symonds congratulated the winners and the runners up and thanked everyone for their involvement and participation in the award ceremony itself and for the hard work undertaken within the community on an on-going basis.