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Site Review

Footways are currently provided on all local roads.
Existing bus stops are within a 5 minute walk of the site with 13 buses an hour in each direction on West Street and 6 buses an hour in each direction on Luckwell Road. These services connect to the wider bus network in Bristol city centre.
No personal injury accidents have occurred on the residential streets within 200 metres of the site in the last 3 years.
On-street car parking surveys have identified that there is on-street car parking available during the day, with a minimum of 15 spaces available on Garnet Street and a minimum of 127 spaces available within a 200 metre walk of the site at peak nursery times.

See below for a plan of where people on Southville Centre’s waiting list for nursery places currently live.

Note the large number within 200 metres of the proposed site.



Based on a national traffic database review, the proposals would generate up to 13 additional vehicles parking on local streets during the morning and evening peak hours. The parking surveys have confirmed there is space to accommodate these vehicles on Garnet Street and surrounding roads.
Cycle parking would be provided and staff and parents encouraged to cycle.
Buggy parking would be provided so that parents are able to walk their children to nursery, store pushchairs in secure area and walk on to work.
Proposals include improving the pedestrian crossing facilities at the Chessel Street/Garnet Street crossroads junction adjacent to the site (see plan below).
SDCA would work with Bristol City Council to introduce double yellow lines around the Chessel Street/Garnet Street junction to make it easier for pedestrians to cross at the junction.