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Who is proposing the nursery?
It is being proposed by the Southville Community Development Association (SCDA), the charity that runs an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ 84-place nursery at the Southville Centre on Beauley Road. There are currently more than 200 families on our waiting list, including those from the area around the Boys Brigade Hall. The Chessel Street site could help us meet the demand for nursery places in your neighbourhood
What are the proposals?
We aim to develop an all-day, all-year nursery plus office space for staff but are also very aware from our experience at The Southville Centre that there is a great demand for the hire-able space available to the community and in line with our core objectives to provide community services, an activities room is a fundamental part of the design.
What impacts might this have and how will they be dealt with?
This corner site property will be brought back into much greater use to meet the ever changing needs of the local community whilst still maintaining community usable space for groups such as Slimming World, children’s parties and other events.
There will inevitably be some traffic and parking impacts and possibly noise at certain times. These are all addressed on the boards that follow (but please tell us of any other potential issues).
Will we take any notice of what people say?
That’s exactly why we are running this drop-in at this stage
before any final decisions are taken. We also have to provide a report with the planning application to show exactly what people (you) said and how the scheme has responded. And then you’ll get a chance to comment on the planning application when it is submitted (so be sure to leave your contact details so we can tell you when this happens!).
- The main use would be for an all-day, all-year nursery for approximately 54 children and is expected to be used by 120-140 families

- The children would be from 1 to 5 years old
- The nursery would be open between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday - Friday
- The building would also include office space for other SCDA staff and volunteers

- There would also be an activities room, which would be available at certain times for hire by community groups or for events such as children’s parties.

- We intend to include facilities to support people who use the building to opt for sustainable travel methods, such as cycling, walking or running.

- The building would be fully accessible and we are keen to include many environmentally sound aspects, such as solar panels, collection and use of rainwater to flush the toilets, natural ventilation, low environmental impact building materials and techniques, etc.