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Calling Local Artists!

The Southville Centre is looking for a Bristol artist to design and create a piece of public art that will crown the entrance to our new Chessel Centre, a community hub in the heart of Bedminster.

This is an opportunity for a local artist to contribute to their community and display their work to a wide audience.

The proposed piece will sit above the entrance to the Chessel Centre, a new building that will house a community hall, a 54 place nursery and the charity offices for Bedminster charities. The building is currently under construction, with doors set to open in autumn 2017.

We ask that artists approach our project with an open mind and readiness to be inspired by their community as we will be inviting the pupils of local schools to come up with ideas and creative designs. The chosen artist will respond to this artwork within their design for the final piece, making the finished work a creative collaboration between artist and community.

The style of the piece is up to the artist and we ask that you bring your own Bristol flair to the project. Be it painted, carved, casted or a sculpture, the only constraint is that the piece must be durable and weatherproof as it will be on the building exterior. The size of the piece should be no larger than one metre wide by 88cm tall. See attached impressions to show where the artwork will sit and the scale.

The project will be managed by SCDA working closely with the appointed architects, Practical Architects. Material costs and expenses incurred in the creation and installation of the artwork will be covered by the charity, within reason. Timescale:

30st March: Application submission deadline 28th April: Appointment of artist May – July: Submission of designs by local schools July – September: Finalisation of design September: Application of the design to the building Early October 2017: Chessel Centre opening

To apply please send samples of your artistic work to Dani Andres by 31st March with an outline of what you’d like to achieve and a proposed budget. The selection will be announced on the 31st March 2017.