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Patchwork Community Gardening Project

Who we are and what we do

We are a group of around 20 local residents who are working to tidy up neglected patches of land in Bedminster and Southville, with the aim of making our neighbourhood more attractive to residents and wildlife.  The idea for Patchwork came out of the work of the Sustainable Southville Project, and it has been a long-term project with committed volunteers since then.

Since 2003 we have identified and worked on nine patches.  We have cleared them of rubbish and undergrowth, and planted them with trees, shrubs and flowers.  We have added art works and benches on some of the sites.

We encourage residents living nearby each patch to become involved and to take responsibility for maintaining the sites, and we hold monthly maintenance sessions to tend the patches as necessary.

During the summer we meet on the last Thursday of the month, starting at 6.30pm.  During the winter we meet on Saturday mornings as required – details will be posted on our blog and Facebook page, or you can join our mailing list to receive details of work sessions.

The Patches

1.  Dean Lane Community Garden

We cleared this patch of rubbish in 2003, we added topsoil and we planted 30 young trees and bushes.  In subsequent years we have planted bulbs, installed a bench and added a mosaic designed and assembled by local schoolchildren.  Maintenance work includes pruning, weeding and removal of plastic bags and beer cans.

Dean Lane 2010

Dean Lane in 2010

Dean Lane 2003
Dean Lane in 2003

2.  Hollidge Gardens Wildlife Triangle

In 2004 we removed piles of rubbish from this site, cut back some of the dense growth of nettles and brambles, installed a low boundary wall and added a mosaic signboard.  We decided to maintain the patch for wildlife when we discovered that frogs and hedgehogs live there.  We have also erected bird boxes in a sycamore tree on the site and planted bluebells.

3.  South Street Patch

We cleared brambles, rubbish and builders’ waste from this patch in January 2008.  We spread a mulch on the ground, planted shrubs and painted the boundary railings.  In the autumn of 2008 we planted 3 fruit trees, several fruit bushes and spring bulbs.

South street 2008

South Street in 2008

South Street in 2015

4.  Cherry Tree Gardens

A patch on Whitehouse Lane, which we improved in 2005 with the help of local schoolchildren and maintained until 2008.  We maintain this patch regularly, and have lots of help with it from the runners from the Good Gym.

5.  Cooperage Lane Copse

A small patch of land on Beauley Road, which we cleaned up and maintained from 2004 to 2008 when the private owner took over responsibility for it.

6.  Stackpool Road Home Zone

A new home zone was installed outside Southville School in 2006.  We help to maintain the gardens that were included in the design.

Stackpool Road Home Zone

7.  Clifton Street

We cleared this Council owned patch of land and planted shrubs and bulbs in November 2010.  It is being maintained by local residents and the owner of the adjacent business.

Clifton Street Patch

8. Myrtle Street Orchard

With the help of a grant from the Better Bedminster Community Chest we took on a new project in March 2011: planting a community orchard. This piece of land, on Upper Sydney Street (off North Street) has now been incorporated into the extension of Southville Primary School. The orchard is no longer accessible to the public, but the school use it and we still do some of its maintenance.

9. Dean Lane Orchard

In November 2015 we planted our second orchard on Dean Lane (opposite Bristol South Swimming Pool). We were fortunate to receive two grants; one from the proceeds of that year’s Bedminster Secret Gardens days and one from Bristol Green Capital. This enabled us to install bollards on the site and buy ten fruit trees and lots of bulbs.

Dean Lane Orchard

Further information

FFI please contact Laura Murgatroyd

c/o The Southville Centre, Beauley Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1QG.

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We welcome new volunteers. Please do get in touch!